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Metodická kniha v anglickom jazyku, plnofarebná s významnou grafickou časťou

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This book contains 35 Tactical patterns of play and 62 practices from the top academies in the Netherlands. There are technical (functional) and tactical practices for a wide range of topics ideal for coaches at youth level wanting to develop their team to world leading, Dutch academy standards.

The Dutch Academy Football Coaching (U14-15) book in FULL COLOUR contains a detailed outline of:

  • The Dutch training methodology for this age group
  • The basic principles of Dutch Academy coaching
  • The age-specific characteristics
  • Training / coaching methods
  • Matches: Positional Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Dutch Academy style of play
  • Functional technical training
  • Tactical training
  • Building up play
  • Attacking
  • Defending
  • Positional practices and small sided games
This gives you a completely unique opportunity to learn the types of practices used by some of the best Dutch Academy coaches
Coaching Transition Play
  • 168 Pages
  • 35 Tactical patterns of play
  • 62 Practices
  • U14-15 Level


Practice Topic Samples:

  • Passing Direct from the Centre Back to the Striker when Building Up in a 5 v 4 Practice
  • Building Up Play from the Goalkeeper through to Midfield in a 6 (+GK) v 4 Game
  • Coordinated Movements and Finishing from Crosses in a 2 Zone Game
  • Pressing from the Front with the Forwards in a Dynamic Game
  • Providing Cover and Taking Over Marking while Pressing in the Midfield Area (3 Zone Practice)
  • Exploiting Space in Behind the Opposition’s Defence in an 8 v 8 Small Sided Game
  • Building Up Play with the Full Back: 6 (+GK) v 4 Positional Play
  • Receive, Dribble & Beat a Defender on the Flank in a Passing Combination Practice

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